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ECM ensures comprehensive coordination, personalized care, and positive outcomes.

AmeriCare's Enhanced Care Mangement (ECM) Program

AmeriCare Adult Day Health Care Center is offering a new Medi-Cal benefit called Enhanced Care Management (ECM). ECM is a benefit that provides extra care management services to members with highly complex needs. This new benefit can help you get the care you need to stay healthy and manage the care you get from different doctors and others involved in your care. For the last 21 years AmeriCare Center provided only CBAS/ADHC (Community Based Adult Day Services/Adult Day Health Care services). 


Now, we are proud to offer Enhanced Care Management (ECM) as well! With our years of experience serving individuals with complex needs we can help you!


What are ECM services?

You will have your own care team, through AmeriCare including a care manager. This person will talk to you and your doctors, mental health providers, specialists, pharmacists, case managers, social services providers and others to make sure everyone works together to get you the care you need. A care manager can also help you find and apply for other services in your community.



Your ECM care manager can help you:

  • Find doctors and get appointments for health related services you may need;

  • Better understand and keep track of your medications;

  • Set up a ride to get to your doctor visits;

  • Find and apply for community based services based on your needs, like housing supports or medically nutritious food; and

  • Get follow-up care after you leave the hospital.

Getting ECM services will not change the Medi-Cal benefits you already have. It will give you extra help to better coordinate your care at no cost to you.


 If you are interested in receiving this service, please give us a call at (760) 682-2424.


Insurances we are contracted with : Medi-Cal Molina, Medi-Cal CHG

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